At the end of the 1980s with the disappearance of the Cousteau-team a large gap sprang up in the field of underwater exploration. The extant organizations couldn’t achieve the results that the Cousteau-team did before. Therefore in 1998 a group of conservationists, explorers and educators founded Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) with the reason to actively engage in the exploration and conservation of the underwater world and to improve the quality of aquatic education.

By now GUE is known everywhere in the world and with its highly qualified trainers and with the most elaborated educational standards within the diving profession, GUE deserves to be honoured with “the world’s most rigorous scuba diving organization” title.

cave divingOur divers have to prove every 4 years with 25 dives at their highest qualification level that they are active divers. But this is not their only commitment:

GUE instructors have to perform at least 25 non-educational dives a year and they  have to renew their qualification in every 4 year.

GUE requires 25 experience acquirer dives between the courses.

The GUE students and instructors do not smoke. This rule is required to be kept.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle corresponding to the diving goals.

Participate in a 100 % Student Quality Assurance Program.

Many people ask about the difference between GUE and other systems.


  • you receive a complete qualification,
  • we use the best and safest equipment configuration that is available at the moment,
  • you can learn from highly qualified and experienced instructors,
  • we treat every dive consciously,
  • safety is a primary concern for us.

I represent this mentality myself as well as I created GUE Hungary and as the first Hungarian GUE instructor I offer the most professional training system for divers.

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